Thursday, October 25, 2012

O No I Didn’t

O yes I did! I was so excited to make mac n cheese tonight, I had searched and searched through many recipes to try and find the perfect one. You see, my husband is from Tennessee and he loves a good ol’ down home cooking nice and cheesy mac n cheese. So I had settled on a recipe and set off to make the most wonderful mac n cheese. The kind where I imagined him drooling over my masterpiece and praising me. Bless his sweet heart, he did compliment me when it was finished, but I was so disappointed. In my book I chalked it up as a FAIL. No where near where I would write the recipe on here to share with my peeps. Even though it had butter, bacon, bacon fat, and LOADS of cheese, it still lacked in flavor! How is that even possible? I will make a fabulous mac n cheese one day, you wait and see!


1 comment:

  1. I too get nervous with every Mac n cheese recipe I read. I never know what or whom to trust!